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Exposition - Brochen

The 18 July 2019

Le Clarance et la Galerie Cédric Bacqueville - avec cette nouvelle exposition - confirment leur soutien à la création contemporaine.

> Thursday 25th July
> From 6 pm
> Clarance, 32 rue de la Barre - Lille

Jean-Louis Brochen / Martin Loume

Plastician, display, shredder

The shredders and the collages of Jean-Louis Brochen, are realized from ripped posters, aged of more than 20 years, from the walls of cities that he went through his travelling, sort of urban Ethnologie, makes us try to understand the meaning of the story, the taste of life, and to keep the flame alive.

They are in the tradition of the « new realists », messages at different dimensions esthetic, politics and poetic… This abundant list, expressed also the fact of refusing to accept injustice and with the desire of a world issued of his faults.

Jean-Louis Brochen, him, keeps his ears to the ground, lucid, receptive and creative. The reality keeps inspiring and motivating him. His steps are not lost.

What he displays, in the bottom, is an extended youth, an aptitude to open the eyes and arms, to leave again and again toward the walls where can be written this word, liberty.


Visual :
"Aqua Alta" Homage to Damien Hirst
220 X 73 cm

Lacerated posters.

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