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The history of Clarance


Welcome to Clarance! Have you ever noticed this woman? Beautiful and elegant, charming and gracious to all, her portrait adorns the majestic staircase of the hotel. Her frank and distinguished smile sets the tone for each room, warmly inviting visitors to rest at their ease, wander the halls, peruse the library, dine in the restaurant, or sit in the garden.

Clarance with an A, by the way. Her distinctive first name is a mark of her personality. Clarance loves life, Clarance loves to entertain, Clarance loves beautiful things. Clarance is the embodiment of French savoir vivre, refinement and elegance. Clarance is a woman of this century, a modern woman, who appreciates fashion, art, décor, a free woman who loves to laugh, eat, share and remains deeply committed to the values and traditions that have made France great.

Clarance welcomes you to her home, with perfect simplicity and ease. At her home you will know, more than anywhere else, that “There is only order and beauty / Luxury, quietness, and pleasure."

Chez Clarance, you are very much chez vous. Welcome!